We are so proud of her and she did a great job representing the PRCA, as well as, the great state of Florida!

I have big boots to fill, but luckily I have her to help me! Once again, we are truly so proud! Cara won the 2nd place scrapbook award! She showed grace and poise while she spoke! She keeps making Florida proud! Thanks to Sherry Smith for our recap of Day 2! McKenna here!

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Horsemanship is over and all the girls did an amazing job! Cara looked fabulous as always and had a great pattern and rail work! Email : mrapmedia missrodeoamerica. The purpose of this division is to select the contestant who rates highest in the ability to control her horse, and to safely and appropriately handle any riding situation which may occur.

There will be two rounds of horsemanship competition. No contestant will ride the same horse in both go rounds. The first round will consist of riding a prescribed pattern and the second round will consist of small group rail work. Thank you everyone for all of your support and encouragement! Thank you to everyone who donated these items toward the auction, I greatly appreciate it! Thankful everyday, and feeling extra thankful today for all of the love and support from my friends and family!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We are less than a week away from the Miss Rodeo America Pageant! I know it will be the best time! Throughout the week of the pageant, Decemberthe contestants will not have access to phones or social media.

The Miss Rodeo America media committee has established an email account where you can send contestants a special message to encourage them throughout the week!

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They ask that you only send words and no pictures. All emails will be read, printed and delivered to the contestants at the end of each days' events. Emails may be sent to: mrapmedia missrodeoamerica.

Insurance doesn't begin to touch his hospital bills and his ongoing medication is out of his reach. He's now a farrier by trade and understandably, still unable to work. That's when his Bronc Riding Nation family got involved. Joey Sonnier is hosting a benefit bronc ride and silent auction on October 30 from the arena at the store his first cowboy gear came from, Cowboy's in Lafayette. Every human being who's thrown a leg over any kind of horse understands 'there but for the grace of God, go I.

We'll be sharing the flyer and FB page in the comments here and in days to come. Posting page links, pics of the halter and other info in the comments here.

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Look for your chance to become a card-carrying, logo gear wearing member of bronc riding's cultural preservation, education and charitable non-profit in December. Photo by www. Aller vers. Sections de cette Page. Aide accessibilité. Adresse e-mail ou mobile Mot de passe Informations de compte oubliées?

Voir plus de contenu de Bronc Riding Nation sur Facebook. Informations de compte oubliées?

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