Its formula contains blefaroplex, a botanical complex providing a lifting effect helping to correct sagging eyelids and in general, to treat overall dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles. Contains chromo-correcting pigments selectively reflecting and transmitting certain colors providing immediate effect. By acting as a pigment corrector, it helps to achieve a healthy and perfect complexion without makeup.

Best home remedies for hyperpigmentation

Practical massager included, developed by experts in the care of the eye area to open and immediately refresh the gaze, thanks to maneuvers reinforcing its re-enhancer effect while activating the microcirculation.

The upper eyelid is firmed and is enhanced noticeably. A clear improvement of flabby skin under the eyes. An obvious effect on crow's feet and fine lines that fade thanks to skin redensification.

A soothed and detoxified appearance. Dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested. Paraben free. Take a nut of product with the tip B of the modeler massager and drop a few drops all along the upper and lower eyelids.

Then perform a pre-ocular modeling. Clean the modeling massager with tissue paper after each use. Modeling A: 1. Spread the product 2.

Circular pressure points 3. Obtenir le look Un teint radieux et naturel Lèvres longue tenue Voir tout. NARS Pro. Rechercher dans le catalogue. Ajouter au panier.

Eyeliner Longue Tenue High-Pigment

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Pigmentation upper eyelid

Le nouvel Eyeliner High-Pigment Longwear apporte une intensité sans précédent en un seul passage. Sa formule fluide, de type gel, glisse sans effort et dépose instantanément une couleur riche.

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