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Téléphone 01 86 95 02 Type de peau Dry and chapped lips. Le mot de l'équipe Its slightly grainy texture combined with its menthol effect provides the result of a natural exfoliation: comfort and plump guaranteed! Résultats The Lip Treat nourishes and moisturizes, plumping the lips and protecting them from drying out throughout the day. Conseils d'utilisation Apply generously onto the lips as often as necessary.

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Composition Naturel. Lire notre charte de sélection. Beeswax, castor seed oil Nourish, repair and protect Rosemary, thistle and pomegranate extracts Antioxidants, strengthen and plump. Nos clientes partagent leur avis. Customer Reviews. Produits Similaires Naturel. Types de peau All skin types. Types de peau Damaged lips, chapped or chronically dry. UVB lamps are also available on our site. Vitilox Cover Cream gives you the advantage of covering your Vitiligo spots or patches while treatment is in progress.

Our Treatment range includes treatment for joint areas, high body coverage, low body coverage, genetically caused Vitiligo as well as face and lip treatment. We also have products suitable for children who suffer from Vitiligo. From our feedback we generally find that the average time taken to see results is three to four weeks. Around this time frame, you should see the small pigmentation freckles appearing within the white patches. However, we have had report backs of pigmentation starting within the first 2 weeks of treatment.

Pigmentation may be a slow but steady process but saying this we have had remarkable cases of full restoration in under 6 weeks. Follow-up Treatment: Once the pigment has returned we advise using the Vitilox Serum to smooth and even the skin tone. Many patients ask if there is a possibility of the Vitiligo returning after Treatment.

The answer to that is yes. Vitiligo can manifest in other areas of the body though it is highly unlikely to return to the treated areas. As Vitiligo patients generally lack Vitamin B and Folic acid, which gives rise to the onset of Vitiligo, we recommend continuing with these tablets or the T-Cell-V tablets for at least 3 months after treatment.

From our ongoing assessments, and also patient consultations, we have noticed that Allergies do cause Vitiligo to trigger, or spread. Vitiligo and Allergies are very closely connected, and many of our new patients see the first signs of Vitiligo appearing once they become effected or have an allergic reaction to the change of seasons or chemical induced allergies.

Why are Allergies more prone in Spring? The difference in temperature and rainfall patterns affect the pollination of plants and the growth of mold spores.

Grass pollen allergy commonly causes nasal symptoms such as itching, sneezing, congestion or a watery, streaming nose, while tree pollen may trigger allergic rhinitis, or a runny nose, hay fever, and red, itchy eyes. It is the scratching of these irritants that causes the damage to the skin which in turn causes Vitiligo to appear in predisposed individuals.

What about other Seasons? However, rain also fosters the growth of mold spores, which are another common natural allergen.

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It is important for you to get treatment for your allergies to prevent side effects and conditions such as Vitiligo from manifesting. Saying all this, there are many treatments available for allergies. Detergents, soaps, cleaners are some of the chemicals and substances that can irritate the skin.

They can wear down the oily, protective layer on skin surface and lead to irritant contact dermatitis. Irritant contact dermatitis is common among people who regularly work with strong chemicals or detergents, such as at restaurant, maintenance workers, and chemical workers. It is also seen in people who do a lot of housework due to contact with cleaning products. Initially the skin reacts by swelling and then very small lacerations will appear.

These small itchy spots can very easily trigger Vitiligo if you are predisposed to it, or cause the further spread of the condition if you do have Vitiligo. If you have just seen the first signs of Vitiligo appearing, or are now noticing an increase in the spread of your Vitiligo condition, please do not rule out Allergies, either air borne or chemical.

We are here to help. Please feel free to ask any questions or complete our free Vitiligo assessment form for further treatment information. The colour of our skin depends on our melanin production. The more melanin your body produces the darker your skin tone. When the melanocytes, melanin producing cells in the skin die or are damaged, they stop producing melanin. When this happens, we develop white spots or patches on our skin. We can also loose the pigmentation in our nasal cavity and gums as well as our hair.

This is known as Vitiligo. To do this we need to replace the vitamins and metallic elements that have been depleted and are missing from the body of the Vitiligo patient. Vitilox Vitiligo T-Cell-V contains all the ingredients researchers have found to be lacking in Vitiligo sufferers. The metallic elements in the T-Cell-V stimulates the process of melanogenesis resulting in the production of melanin and the return of your natural skin tone.

These elements also address the inflammatory effects of the condition. The Biotin found in T-Cell-V is also important for maintaining a healthy skin. And finally, the Selenium is your essential ingredient required by the immune system to keep your overall body healthy.

Apply the Cream to the affected areas once a day to start the Pigmentation process again. If you are treating your face or hands, you may want to apply the Pigmentation Cream in the mornings and evenings for faster results.

If you find that your Pigmentation returning is slow, we do recommend the UVB Lamps to speed up the Pigmentation process. Joint areas — Hands, Feet, Knees, Elbows, etc. Once pigmentation has been restored it is recommended that the patient continue with the Vitamin B12 and folic acid for at least a further 6 months to make sure there is no further outbreak of the condition. If you have localised Vitiligo to the lips, or are suffering from Vitiligo around the lips and on the inner lips, we recently introduced our Vitilox Vitiligo Lip Treatment product to help soothe the inner lips, and to treat this very sensitive area.

Vitiligo is a skin disorder that causes the pigment-producing cells melanocytes to die. It is common for a loss of pigmentation to occur on the lips and inside the mouth. It may have to do with the consta … nt rubbing that people tend to do in this area, which is a risk factor for Vitiligo patches in susceptible people. This product is specially formulated for the treatment of Vitiligo. Vitilox Lip Balm contains stimulating elements which are absorbed deep down triggering the Maigrir des cuisses pendant grossesse thus releasing the pigment Melanin.

The Lip Balm is an excellent way to treat your inner or lip surface.

The formulation of this product enables it to be rubbed onto the lip and remain there for a good few hours. The element used for the pigmentation of the lips is therefore able to remain intact, and active for longer.

We have combined the healing properties of our cream into a pleasant tasting easy to use lip balm. There are no known side effects when using this Lip Balm as instructed, as it is made from natural ingredients. At Vitiligo Treatment we do not use any scheduled drugs! Conveniently packaged to carry in your bag or pocket it can be used up to 3 times a day. Vitilox works quickly in stimulating the pigmentation process. Vitiligo Lip Treatment is now achievable! Remember that if you are unsure of the correct product required to successfully treat your own Vitiligo condition, please submit the Free Vitiligo Assessment and one of our qualified consultants shall respond with the correct treatment for you.

VitiligoTreatments Vitilox Vitiligoliptreatment. Many people with Vitiligo also have a family history of the condition. As it runs in the family, it does suggest that Genetics plays a role. In the past many Vitiligo patients have felt that if their Vitiligo is hereditary, treatment is not possible. We have found that by using the correct product, it can be treated successfully. The pigmentation loss is decentralized with one side of her body seemingly affected completely differently to the other.

It is even worse for the person diagnosed to deal with — further aggravated when diagnosed in your teenage years. In Augustwe tried juicing specific veggies and ginger etc. Below are the Before and After pics of just her left arm and we can definitely see an improvement!!

The product has certainly given her hope in reducing the effects of Vitiligo and re-pigmentation of affected areas. The before and after pics are loaded on the blog section of our website.

If you require any further information on Genetic Vitiligo, or any of the products listed here, please do not hesitate to contact us.

This year it shall be focusing on the mental and medical journey of vitiligo as well as the social impact of vitiligo.


Since inception inVitiligo Treatment has offered community support and formed groups where we would discuss the difficulties of living with the condition. As the groups grew, we opened our website, and concentrated on online consultations and assessments.

At his stage the preferred treatment for Vitiligo was the UVB narrow band lamps. As the company grew, and from evaluating vitiligo assessments, we began to realise that many products being offered to the Vitiligo public were not safe, and also many did not work. After years of studying the condition, we found the ingredients for a safe and effective product that worked.

We took this formula and this was the beginning of the Vitilox Range of Products. We now have offices in three continents, and our product range has expanded as the need arose though feedback and discussions with Vitiligo patients. We have tried to address all issues that caused concern for our patients, and have a range of products available to treat all cases of Vitiligo.

We have upgraded our websites as technology has evolved, improving it for ease of use and embracing all the modern conveniences available to us. We have taken to social media to connect with, update and offer emotional support to everyone who has Vitiligo. White patches or spots on your lips or around the corner of your mouth could very well be caused by Vitiligo. Vitiligo on the corner of the mouth may spread to the inner lip area as well.

It may depigment the inner lip and top of the lips. Recently we have had more and more requests for a treatment specifically for the lip.

We have had our researchers and chemist working on a lip balm specifically for Vitiligo. We have combined the healing properties of our cream and combined it into a pleasant tasting easy to use lip balm that will re-pigment the lips. If you require more detailed information on this product, please visit our website.

If you have not already signed up to our newsletter, please do so before the 25th of June, and receive your discount coupon on this special day. With the introduction of the new T-Cell-V tablets, how do we know which is the correct vitamin to use?

This product is recommended for children from 3 years as well as for adults. We also advise you to take these tables if your Vitiligo condition has only started in the last 4 years. These tablets contain sufficient amounts of B12 and Folic acid to slow down and stop the further spread of Vitiligo and assist with the production of new pigmentation cells whilst treatment with the Vitilox Pigmentation Cream is under way. This product is not recommended for children under 8 years of age.

We would advise people who have struggled with Vitiligo for several years as well as on the hard to treat joint areas to opt for these tablets. The ingredients of Vitilox T-Cell-V have all been carefully selected to work together for the process of melanogenesis and to regulate the immune responses.

Metallic Elements contained in the T Cell V play an important role in the process of melanogenesis. The process of melanogenesis causes normal and malignant melanocytes to produce melanin, which is the pigment found in the skin, eyes, hair, nasal cavity and inner ear. These elements are also an excellent anti-inflammatory. The T-Cell-V also contains Selenium which reduces inflammation and enhances immunity.

It is because of these excellent additional ingredients that we recommended it over the Vitamin B12 and Folic Acid for the more Stubborn and difficult to treat cases of Vitiligo. The dosage for both the Vitamin B12 and the T-Cell-V tablets is one to be taken daily, after breakfast. Please let us know if you have any further queries regarding these tablets, and your own Vitiligo condition. Vitiligotreatment Vitilox Vitiligocured. When treating your neck, you may find that the pigmentation process takes a bit longer.

You will also notice that small unpigmented lines remain longer on the neck area being treated. This is due to the neck being a 'joint area' and as it is under constant motion trauma, the melanocytes that produce the pigment may take longer to regain your natural melanin. However, pigmentation is eventually realised. If you have any questions about the way the joint areas react with our products, please contact one of our consultants for clarification.

Vitiligo Treated Successfully - Case Study. The pigmentation results did take a while to first appear, but as the hand is a joint area and under constant movement trauma, this is not uncommon. The results speak for themselves. The fact that the mother of the child persisted and carried on with treatment is commendable.

Introducing our new product!! Metallic Elements play an important role in the process of melanogenesis. In addition, Vitiligo is an inflammatory disease and these elements have excellent anti-inflammatory properties.

The ingredients of Vitilox T-Cell-V have all been carefully selected to work together for the process of melanogenesis and to regulate the immune responses, in particular, in relation to the alteration of the T-cell population in Vitiligo patients. The alteration of T-cell population shows decreased T-helper cells in patients with Vitiligo. T-helper cells heal and rejuvenate skin by the production of new cells.

T-helper cells are arguably the most important cells in adaptive immunity, as they are required for almost all adaptive immune responses. They also help activate cytotoxic T-cells to kill infected target cells. It is the imbalance in the oxidant-antioxidant system rather than oxidative stress that plays a role in Vitiligo.

Detection of various autoantibodies including anti-thyroid and anti-melanocyte antibodies have been found in the serum of vitiligo patients. Metallic Elements- play an important role in the process of melanogenesis. Therefore, this is a vital ingredient in assisting to regulate melanin production, essential to activate new pigmentation to counteract the Vitiligo Condition. In addition, Vitiligo is an inflammatory disease and these elements have excellent anti-inflammatory effects.

Vitamin B12, B1, B3, B6- which reduces stress and anxiety levels. They help prevent infections as well as support and promote cell health. Folic Acid- is required to properly produce red and white blood cells, utilize carbohydrates as energy and produce healthy DNA. Selenium- plays an important role in the health of the immune system. This antioxidant lowers oxidative stress in the body, which in turn reduces inflammation and enhances immunity.

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