A full day of adventures! Highlights Two best-of activities in one day. Discover the outskirts of the city of Marrakech and the real way of life of its inhabitants. An authentic tajine lunch served in a garden with free wifi!

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All access pass to the best spots around Marrakech! A real adventure into the real Morocco within only 4 hours.

A great tea break organised and prepared by a welcoming Highlights A unusual secret spot with a breathtaking overview. A fun SUP tour for all types of paddlers.

Adventure in the dunes just by the sea! Highlights Ride a buggy in the sand dunes along the sea near Essaouira!

Impossible to not love her! Complete crossing of Agafay Desert in the morning. A private Atlas trip to share with Total Experience : Have the ballon just for you!

This option is unique.

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Perfect for special occasions, it will leave you with special souvenirs of your holidays impossible to forget. Savour the unique experience of ballooning over Marrakech without anyone Admire the foothills of Atlas Mountains! Highlights A true desert experience on an unusual vehicle witha private guide. Easy-to-drive Yamaha cc full automatic. A full day through all tracks of amazing Agafay Desert. Time for carriages for the holidays. A great way to celebrate visiting a new city, a new romance, a proposal, or an anniversary carriage ride in your local city.

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Lots of requests for horse and carriage rentals for spring weddings coming in. The best way to get the one you want is to reserve at least 6 to 9 months in advance. Prom season is coming up shortly and if you really want to make it special, arrive with your date in a horse carriage!

The WOW factor on this one would be great and your date will feel very special that you did something different than just a limo. The photos would be worth a lifetime of memories with your prom date and you in a beautiful horse and carriage ride.

Wedding ceremonies and horse-drawn carriage rides go hand-in-hand.

A romantic ride after the ceremony to the reception hall or just around the area is a wonderful idea for your new bride. It is romantic and a great way to start off the evening of festivities around your wedding. We are excited to announce this new directory to help people find horse carriage rentals for weddings, city tours, proms, corporate and private events.