Serpentine abwärts in Altbüron. Serpentine abwärts nach Leimisberg. Got a bit lost on my ride to work this morning.

Good motorcycle rides in kansas

Don't know how, ended up in the mountains on the twistiest little road. Tracer is so much better since I did the suspension settings following the advice on the forum. Pleasant, curvy route with good street conditions over several small passes and with a wonderful scenery. Itinéraire bon pour cruiser tranquille mais avec des tronçons pour de belles accélérations ainsi qu'un petit col avec des épingles bien serrées.

Remember me Reset mot de passe account inactive. Suisse Balades Motos. Load Map Button. Paulo score: Mixture of mountain and lakes.

Good motorcycle rides in kansas

Flowing rural road with some nice corners and good visibility, also little traffic when I rode it. Flowing rural road, enjoyable but bumpy in places with not much in the way of other traffic so relaxing.

Fast, sweeping and deserted with good visibilty making it easy to hold speed. Visibility maintained by some elevation and about three terrific consecutive switchback corners guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Fast and open with great visibility thanks to many elevation changes. A couple of nice fast corners but not spectacular, a quiet evocative ride past the somme cemetaries.