Je veux retrouver mon teint naturel. J'ai remarqué que dès que j'utilise un produit qui marche, quand je m'arrête, l'hyperpigmentation recommence.

How to cure black pigmentation on face

En plus, j'avais vécu en Occident, et quand je suis revenue en Afrique, les boutons et tâches sont réapparus aux mêmes endroits. Que me recommandez-vous? Merci et que Dieu vous bénisse.

Wheat germ oil is a beneficial oil Astuces Beauté. Makeup dry skin is not the most obvious thing Most women with dark skin have combination to You need beauty tips, information on our products or on an event?

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TIP : Because blemishes can often leave dark spots once they have healed, it is very important to not touch or pick at them! Add to favourites. The longer the skin is exposed to sunlight with no protection, the sooner these skin lesions will appear; both men and women are concerned!

The CLIPP Laser Center is equipped with adapted and synergic laser devices, with an established efficiency on these skin lesions, as well as high skilled dermatologists. In the case of diffuse pigmentations, such as pregnancy mask or melasmathe Restore Fraxel Laser is the first ever homologated laser in this indication. Nevertheless, a prior consultation with one of our physicians is always necessary to eliminate any medical contraindications.

Fraxel Laser is used to treat diffused pigmentations like the so called Melasma, and age spot. In any case, a prior consultation with one of our physicians is necessary in order to determine a precise and individual medical estimate. Retrouver toutes nos fiches techniques sur les différentes pathologies, techniques, traitements Tattoo Removal. Laser Depilation. Ethnic skins. Body contouring.

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Results two months after a Q Switched Laser treatment on brown spots — Cleavage area. Results two months following a Fraxel Restore Laser treatment on the hands.

Results three months after a Fraxel treatment on the face. Large areas Laser treatment on pigmented lesions is possible. Compte Votre panier 0,00 EUR. The melanin upward life cycle. Pigment synthesis by the melanocytes in the melanosomes. Transfer of mature melanosomes loaded with pigments from the base of the epidermis to the superficial layers of skin thanks to the keratinocytes. The elimination of melanosomes and degradation into the corneocytes through cell regeneration process, resulting in the uniform color of skin.

When skin metabolism is unbalanced, these 3 steps deregulate, creating multiple pigmentation disorders: dark spots, yellow skin tone, dullness. The imbalance of pigmentation and its consequences on skin. LENTIGO : Mature skins over 50 years old with wrinkles and sagging features, clear phototypes, brown patches delimited on face, décolleté and hands. Thanks to its micro-peeling action. Clarifying Cleansing Foam.

Clarifying Preparatory Lotion. Dramatically Whitening Brown Spot Corrector. Clarifying Fluid [SPF25].