How do you take care of your hair? My hair tends to thin when I brush it too much, so I always carry a Pro Fiber Recreate refill with me to use as a mask on my damaged lengths. The magic concoction has saved me more than once before a big photo shoot. Have you ever tried any crazy hairstyles? I dyed it grey when I went to Coachella one year, not forgetting when Vanessa Bruno bleached it three times for the Inoa campaign.

Lip balm! How do you relax before a big event? I call my mother, and she says all the right things and a prayer over the phone to calm me down. My favorite place to get vanilla tea is Zinc Cafe in LA. How do you get comfortable in front of the camera? A joke helps to break the ice and quickly ease any embarrassing moments. A sport to help you relax? I always try to go to a class every time I go back home. A sport to help you stay in shape? So, I go dancing with my friends to stay in shape.

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