After roubion the D30 changes to M30, quite scenic, narrow, and loads of bends, quite steep in some points until Saint Sauveur Sur Tinee. Quite fun to do as well.

Turning off the autoroute at Voiron this is a beautiful run through to Chambéry wonderful scenery a few too many speed humps but highly enjoyable. A superb day's ride with coffee in Chatillon sur Seine and lunch in Dijon. The route travels through a number of beautiful villages, take care on the cobbles, has some good straight and some wonderful routes through woodland with many challenging corners.

We lived to tell the tale without incident. Got a bit lost on my ride to work this morning. Don't know how, ended up in the mountains on the twistiest little road. Tracer is so much better since I did the suspension settings following the advice on the forum. Compter 4 heures en comptant les arrêts imposés aux multiples panorama de ce parcours.

Dommage, de grosses différences de revêtements!!! Du pas terrible au circuit de course! Remember me Reset password account inactive. France Motorcycle Roads. Nous répondons presque tous les jours à des questions de compatibilité du support. La température peut aussi altérer les propriétés du plastique et compromettre sa performance. Blogue Mon compte Commander. Tri par défaut Tri par popularité Tri par notes moyennes Trier du plus récent au plus ancien Tri par tarif croissant Tri par tarif décroissant View: All.

Note 4. Note 5 sur 5. Vous cherchez une sacoche de vélo pour transporter vos vêtements de travail, votre lunch ou bien votre ordinateur portable?

Cherchez-vous une sacoche de vélo qui vous servira à la fois dans vos déplacements quotidiens et vos randonnées de cyclotourisme? Cherchez-vous des sacoches spécialement conçues pour le vélo de montagne?

Les sacoches Arkel sont-elles compatibles avec tous les porte-bagages? Notre Compagnie.

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Qui sommes-nous? Information utile. It takes you directly north to Saint-Donat-de-Montcalm on the wonderfully twisty and scenic routethis road is a local treasure. We briefly take route east before joining the wonderfully twisty and scenic and following it up to Saint Paullin. After that we head towards Parc Mauricie where we make a thoroughly fun scenic route of tighter curves through the parc and end the tour in Shawinigan Image : View of Le Passage in the Parc Mauricie ; Credit : wikipedia Fralambert.

This route takes you through the southern portion of the Gatineau Park all the way to the Champlain Lookout which offers a wonderful view of the Ottawa Valley, there's other lookouts on the way there and some trails to explore on foot. All the roads are in excellent condition from never being used by commercial vehicles and not being used at all in winter. The only hazards are animals and cyclists. West Island Montreal through Ontario just over the Quebec boarder.

Very relaxing ride. Lots of places to eat and lots of fuel stops. Once in Lachute, the winds through the lower laurentians, small towns, lakes and rivers. Just keep your eyes on this windy road or end up on your ass in the ditch! Lorsque vous aller au NB durant les vacances, prener ce chemin, ces un chemin différent que la grand route et vous aller voir du pays!!!

Rien de spécial.