Everyone needs to be signed up by 8am that morning.

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Each person will draw 5 cards along the route. The best hand wins. All of the proceeds will go to "Comfort Warriors". No money goes to any other fees. The winner will get a two night stay for two people in one of our cabins. Second place will get a one night stay for two people in one of our cabins. Third place will get a meal for two, of your choice, at our Café.

I'm sure that this will be a fun filled day. And it always feels good to show our support for the people that keep us safe and free. I hope to hear from ya'll soon. We have a new email address. The new email is MacksPines19 gmail. This will be our email going forward from here on out. Please send inquiries there, thank you!

The trails seemed a lot rougher than in the past with a few narly places for an atv at least. Got to see the Dover Lights at the overlook on Friday night the 13th with a full moon.

Visited with the new Mack's Pines owners, Greg and Laura Simpson, who seem motivated to improve the place. Hope they get lots of business so we can come back. We had a lot bigger crowd than expected with the heat. Had 24 people and 17 total rigs. It was a good day except for a major breakdown that we had to tow back and a low tire. Called it quits when we got back to the trailhead.

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Adorable chalet en bois rond juste à côté de Dallas Hill Road. Près de la ville, de la motoneige et du sentier de VTT accessible. Hors de la zone de vie est 2 chambres, une avec une reine, l'autre avec un complet. Il y a une laveuse et une sécheuse pour votre usage au sous-sol. Il y a aussi la télévision par satellite et le wifi. Contacter l'hôte. Afficher plus. Traduire les commentaires en Français.

The house was great.

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