A timeless ride, no visit to the MK is complete without a ride on this classic coaster. Be sure to get a FastPass in advance for this ride. The stand-by time can be the longest in the park. Chris Bryant Septembre 12, Zarpellon Octobre 7, Sem gdes emoções mas com bastante adrenalina.

Murat Mars 23, Best ride in the whole Disney; in dark, makes you feel like you are in space, with very fast ride and deep falls. Line could be long, but worths to wait. Quite awesome. Mike H Juillet 8, Classic Disney ride. Ale van Beeck Janvier 1, A melhor montanha russa da Disney. Se tiver q esperar, espere. Vale a pena. Most of the ride is n the dark. If you use a scooter, you have to transfer to their wheelchair. Be sure to have them push you as it's a tough ramp to climb on your own!

Ronda Allen-Bonner Août 5, The thrill of the ride was good. It always brings back memories from childhood. I think Magic Kingdom needs to revamp and add some other thrill rides for older people. The best ride at the Magic Kingdom! Ride is the front seat for the best thrill, and if you know someone at Disney, ride with the lights on!

Genial, te tambaleas pero ese es el chiste cuida el celular. Wifi en ciertos puntos y si vas en la fila de espera hay jueguitos Jenn Septembre 20, Behind The Thrills Mars 2, Lines get long, so get to Magic Kingdom early and head straight for Space Mountain! Play games in line while you wait. A classic A fun and intense indoor roller coaster. They don't make them like this anymore. Use fast pass. Stand by line takes forever Greg S. Février 4, It's a lot darker now than I remember it; I could have sworn there were more stars.

It's a fun ride, but it jerks you around more than other coasters in the park. Kortney B Juin 23, My favorite ride of all time as a kid and as an adult it still remains my fave. There's nothing like taking your own children on it for he first time.

Can't wait to bring my two youngest ones back. Giórgia L. Bressan Janvier 6, Um dos meus brinquedos favoritos de todos os parques! Nada muito radicalsem loopings ou inversões, mas muito bom e vale a fila! Eileen Walentin Juillet 17, When you hit the downhill, run as fast as you can then up the uphill.

So fun. Check the fast pass times when you walk up. You may find that you can grab one, hop in the ride and be within you window to hop right on again. Unlike every other ride in magic kingdom, this ride seats you all the way across rather than in one numbered row, because you will each be sitting in your very own seat! Kristie A Novembre 13, Photo is just after very first tunnel as track curves. Look right on the right side.

Look left on the left side. Don't know which side your on, look inwards on the first curve. Rose Garcia Juillet 25, The mother of all Space Mountains! Even my 9 yo was pleasantly surprised. Fastpass is a must Such a great ride though. Matt Ferrari Septembre 14, Still a great ride.

Use a fastpass here, but the lines aren'y as long as they used to be thanks to the 7 dwarfs rollercoaster taking away some attention. Leslie Hammersmith Décembre 7, Late night Extra Magic Hours are the best, especially between pm - 1 am. You can ride over and over again with no waiting. Lisa W Juillet 19, Beware of Chris.

He is rude and doesn't let you ride with your party. Other than that its a fun ride and everyone else is very nice and tries to make your ride enjoyable. Cathy Muldowney Mars 18, Lori Masucci Octobre 24, A good roller coaster for kids, but grownups with achy joints may find it a little jerky. Not a good ride for claustrophobia prone people. Tutti Frutti Septembre 30, Ari Pomerance Septembre 14, Alpha and Omega are the same ride!

They are symmetrical! Be Our Guest aurait gagné à recevoir la même attention au détail dans chaque pièce. En effet, la Bête fait régulièrement une entrée annoncée dans le château et les visiteurs sont invités à venir la rencontrer, et dès votre arrivée, vos hôtes vous invitent chaleureusement à visiter les autres pièces du château pendant ou après votre repas. Une idée toute simple exprime bien le travail de recherche effectué afin de faire de ce restaurant une expérience à valeur ajoutée : point de carte des desserts, ceux-ci vous sont présentés sur un chariot amené à votre table par votre hôte.

Un véritable traitement royal. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. Lors de la présentation du New Fantasyland enSeven Dwarfs Mine Train ne faisait pas partie des attractions annoncées.

Ce qui faisait du New Fantasyland un investissement exclusivement dédié aux intérêts des fillettes. Autre particularité annoncée : les wagons ont la capacité de se balancer. La partie dark-ride nous emmène dans la mine des sept nains où brillent des centaines de diamants colorés.

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Les audio animatroniques des sept nains sont remarquablement fluides. Sur les parties dark-rides comme sur les parties coaster, tout parait bien trop court. Au rayon défauts, il y a aussi cette curiosité : bien que cette superbe colline soit exposée sous tous les angles, il est difficile de trouver un emplacement où prendre la photo parfaite le meilleur exemple de ce dont je parle est sans conteste Splash Mountain.

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Plongée dans le noir, cette superbe scénographie est tout simplement invisible une fois la nuit tombée. Il y a deux façons de recréer des dessins animés en dur. Silence embarrassant. Seule la zone Storybook Circus et ses attractions rénovées DumboBarnstormer fait pale figure.

Bonne question. Je vois cela comme une réponse plus stratégique que créative.

Rides with the longest lines at magic kingdom

Zéro prise de risque. Mon prochain trip à Orlando en tiendra compte. Matériaux, couleurs, textures plus vrais que nature : la meilleure façon de recréer des dessins animés. But is it right to compare both in these terms? Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, suits and nerds, here is your New Fantasyland Quality Control! This new area is separated from the existing Fantasyland thanks to an open castle wall, isolating the court of the iconic Cinderella Castle and a forest in which several fairy tales popularized by Disney come to life.

This allows more creative freedom. Opened in Decemberthis family dark-ride is actually a clone of an attraction that opened a year earlier at Disney California Adventure. The overall quality of execution is random and the attraction left me underwhelmed.

Journey of the Little Mermaid is perhaps too classic and offers nothing really new. However, I quite liked the queue line. Solid rockwork, galleries, waterfalls, sand and greenery succeed at recreating a cartoon environment in a tangible setup: a difficult task that many parks fail at. On the waiting area of Mermaid, immersion is natural and detail heavy, like for instance these real seashells embedded in the rock. The most innovative idea of the attraction happens to be located in the queue area.

An interactive game allows visitors to help tiny CGI crabs to store various objects and thingamabobs that Ariel found during her voyages. Remarkably integrated into the scenery, this game is also user friendly: just finger-point the objects that do not match the other ones. Simple, effective, smartly designed. In addition to that, a Scuttle animatronic even more cute than a litter of kittens explains the rules to the visitors.

In small groups, visitors are invited to play a role in a little play. The theming of the house is lovely but the most amazing part is definitely the special effects. Such as the Lumière animatronic : incredibly smooth and true to the original character design and animation. Even more striking, this mirror that expands right in front of the amazed audience, that enventually turns into an open gate which the group needs to walk through to enter the next room.

Due to the small size of the group of visitors, Enchanted Tales With Belle delivers a very intimate experience. Yes it is! Be Our Guest restaurant is a quick service at lunchtime and table service in the evening.

After walking on a long bridge overlooking the forest, you enter the castle of the Beast. The attention to detail is very different in each room: the ballroom is so big it looks like a high school canteen; the dining room just looks ok and the library features a lot of great theming.

This room takes us in the library after it got destroyed by the Beast: broken windows, torn curtains, damaged furniture, dark lighting and several cool special effects : in one corner stands a glass bell in which the famous rose slowly loses its petals. Also, an animation shows the face of the beast on a portrait of the prince when he was still a human.

The atmosphere in this room is mysterious and intimate. Be Our Guest would be even better if it featured the same great theming in every room. The ballroom especially is so huge and noisy that it makes the environment impersonal and not so pleasant. Every now and then, the Beast is announced in the castle and visitors are invited to come meet him. Also when you arrive in the castle, your hosts kindly invites you to visit the other parts of the castle during or after your meal.

Here is a simple idea that really shows the work that has been done to make injection de botox oxford londres restaurant an experience with added value: there is no menu for the desserts. All you have to do is pick the one you want on the cart. A real royal treatment! But you get it, the real point of this restaurant is more around the plate than on it.

During the presentation of the New Fantasyland inSeven Dwarfs Mine Train was not part of the attraction lineup. These made New Fantasyland an investment exclusively targetting little girls. Opened in summerthe Seven Dwarfs Mine Train features two short rollercoaster portions and a short dark-ride portion. The attraction is located right in the middle of New Fantasyland, it means that you can walk around it entirely.

Another mainte feature feature is the fact that wagons have the ability to swing. The real point of the coaster is its super neat theming.

From the outdoor scenery of the hill to the dark-ride section and the queueline, everything is rich in detail and very realistic. The dark-ride section takes us right into the mine of the seven dwarfs where hundreds of colored diamonds shine and glow. The audio animatronics of the seven dwarfs are remarkably smooth.