Check out how you can download the album in your driver or passenger app here: lft. Now, 20 years after a life-changing event, Punch has re-dedicated himself to raising his three children, two of whom have disabilities. For him, building a lowrider with the help of his son is an exercise in creative resurrection—and redefinition. Watch his story here: lft. You never know when a kind word will be exactly what someone needs to hear. On a recent ride, an Indianapolis driver helped a passenger reconnect with the memory of his father who passed away last year.

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Adresse e-mail ou mobile Mot de passe Informations de compte oubliées? À propos. Voir plus de contenu de Lyft sur Facebook. Informations de compte oubliées? Plus tard. Publications des visiteurs. Gloria Burns. Informations concernant les données de statistiques de Page. We are proud of our community of passengers and drivers who are veterans of the armed forces. Make Halloween a real treat with these top tips from 5-star drivers.

Halloween, one of the busiest nights for rideshare drivers, is upon us. Lyft drivers are playing an important role by making sure grownup trick-or-treaters have a fun and safe evening without worrying a.

A simple question with a zillion answers. Hear from fellow drivers on why they drive with Lyft. We asked your local and national Driver Advisory Council members to clue us in on how they give excellent service — and get excellent tips. What we learned: A little hospitality goes a long way. In response to the Newark water crisis, Lyft is committed to doing our part to help those in need.

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Those seeking and eligible for bottled water can use code EWRH20 for discounted rides to water distribution. It takes a while to figure out that rarely are rides given to drivers who park and wait except at airports. Nice company to work for. Meeting people enjoy driving and seeing the affect that people have over each other weather it be of a family member or your co-worker just being productive.

You make it what you want it to be. You put in to it the time and energy and get out of it great pay, tips and meet wonderful people. You set your own schedule day's or night's working around another job or your family. It was very productive enviroment. Working with Lyft was a great opportunity for meit really help me meet new people.

Its was a great way of providing customer service and helping others.

Avis des employés pour Driver (Independent Contractor) chez Lyft - États-Unis

Cutting rates. What is really to be said. Watch the news. They keep cutting rates so drivers need to drive more to make a living. Driver retention should be a priority to these app based companies.

Without us as the labor force you just have a fancy app and office with no possible way to fund these adventures. Pay the drivers.

Lack of Recognition. Lyft pays very low, less than minimum wage after costs of gas and maintenance on vehicle, and the pay structure is only getting worse. I remember when I first started I could make about forty dollars per hour about a year ago, now it is less than twenty.

Lyft has been finding more ways and excuses not to pay contractors, such as no show fees that they will make excuses why they will not pay. Customer service is a complete joke.

If you need anything you would need to email Lyft and if they even reply it is usually a reply that has nothing to do with your concern in the first place. I am working 12 hours a day just to try to get by until something better comes along.

I would not recommend this job to anyone and hope that more will pull away from this horrible company. Move at your own pace good way to network with others. Very relaxing also work when you won't any days that you won't good part-time job when in need of more money.

It is a fulfilling to meet people when working. Basically you re your own boss. You can do these assignments when you are able to do them. You manage your own schedule. The fares in FL are very low. You drive many miles to reach customers. Fin job but not worth the pay. Car can be at risk for bedbugs being on customers clothing and transferred to the vehicle. At risk driving drunk or high customers especially during peak hours.

You are your own boss. Its good for a part time gig, they will terminate you with no explanation, pay is not good enough for the rude riders and wear are tare on your personal vehicle. They don't have enough support in indepandent driver. Example I was with LYFT and they shut my account of a false customer report and did not give me a chance to explain. Ability to Choose when to work.

Great side gig. Not a good full time. The Jobs OK there is almost literally no support there to help you out lots of wear and tear on the vehicle and not enough pay. Work on your own time.