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Publications des visiteurs. Loved your store! I've been trying to contact you on the phone numbe … r listed on this site regarding a pair of prescription sunglasses that may have been left in your store last Sunday, April 3. My friend tried on a really cute sundress that she purchased and may have left them while trying it on, or set them down while looking.

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If you could take a look, or if they've been found, please let me know. Thank you!!!!!! Afficher la suite. Informations concernant les données de statistiques de Page.

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Looking for a female sales rep in Palatka area. Dollar Wang a partagé un lien. Quirky, but a good place to work. Wonderful District Manager and colleagues.

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Great products and support from Marketing. Training was lacking and laborious. Very cheap with meals and creature comforts. The culture of the inside sales team at Allergan was bar none. I loved coming to work every day.

I would love to go back and be a part of the inside sales team again. I loved walking in to work to the atmosphere every day. Our phones were always ringing, and I never stopped learning.

I was very passionate about Botox, and the fillers. I loved learning the science behind what we were doing, and how we were changing people's lives. Overall a good company to work with. Start my work for Forest Pharmaceuticals before been acquired by Actavis where there was a different work culture in terms of size Puerto Rico sales division in terms of management was left behind.

Pharmacy follow up, speaker programs, lunch and learns. Hard work to hit goals.

Avis des employés pour Sales Representative chez Allergan - États-Unis

Restructuring Was not their Strenth. After the Actavis merger and Allergan purchase, there was a rapid change in management three managers in three years that created a very challenging and strange work enviroment. Uneasy feeling, lack of leadership and absolutely no consistency. It's awful to see and hear from others how poor or non existent the culture is at this place. It's a good place to stay away from! Fortune Selling to physicians, hospitals and group purchasing organizations and having the ability to negotiate contracts is a must.

Management qualities. Lower salaries, good bonus potential, poor management, and less than desirable culture. May be a good place to start a career for someone with little to no experience in pharmaceutical sales or overall work experience.

Not a great place for long term growth. Pod system was a bit frustrating but it worked with the right leadership like in my personal experince with the company. Great job.