She suffered numerous injuries during her career, however, the fateful accident came on September 1 st in The accident happened on the second to last straight down on the Dual Slalom course as she raced head-to-head against Jill Kintner in the semifinals. Llanes hit an obstacle and the bicycle landed nose first on the ground. She was thrown over the handlebars and onto her head and then landed on her back, suffering massive and severe lower back trauma, resulting in a C-7 fracture and L-1 damage to her vertebrae, and paralyzing her lower extremities.

The first who arrived to give her first aid was mountain biker Bryn Atkinson. She underwent seven hours of surgery but still had no feeling from the waist down. According to the surgeons who worked on her, the condition is most likely permanent.

When this happened I was completely devastated.

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I mean, this has been my life since I was 11 years old. She is devoted to sit-skiing, and rides in a 3-wheeled hand-pedaled mountain bike. Be sure to check the first part of our series — HERE. A ce moment là, les photos se faisaient beaucoup au téléobjectif.

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Mes photos étaient un peu différentes. A ce moment là, les photographes de skate comme Atiba Jefferson faisaient des choses très différentes, les photographes de mountain bike avaient une approche plus journalistique.

Les vidéos et les photos de mountain bike ont quasiment éclipsé le skateboard. Les vidéos et les photos de mountain bike ont quasiment éclipsé le skateboard?? Ce type de photo a fait sa place.

Et je le regrette un peu. Tu ne peux pas juste arriver et faires des photos. Il faut arriver à faire une photo qui établit un contact avec le spectateur, avec un détail qui personnalise la connexion avec la photo.