Progression-free survival was calculated by the Kaplan-Meier method. The MTOPS trial showed for the first time the medium term benefit which patients could obtain with combined treatment in reducing the risks of the symptoms aggravating, urinary retention, surgery, renal failure, infection and incontinence.

These trials defined risk factors for progression: PSA concentration over 1. According to recommendations, the use of combined treatment is reserved for patients with moderate to severe urinary disorders after failure of first line monotherapy.

Deciding on a health policy in practice means dedicating human and financial resources and prioritising spendings.

The economic evaluation of prevention strategies attempts to establish a relationship between the medical benefit of prevention and its additional cost or in some cases cost reduction compared to no prevention.

Decisions on reimbursing drugs, interventions or funding health programmes do not usually follow efficiency criteria which define economic rationality. Politics may for example decide to make prostate cancer a public health priority if mortality in a country or in some regions of the country appears to be excessively high.

Economic rationality alone is not an appropriate factor on which to base a decision which may be purely political, reflecting the actual values of the society at a given point in time.

The goal of this prospective study was to characterize ureteral stents encrustation in stone formers. We report the results of a study based on double-J stents men and women collected from patients with in situ urinary calculi. Ureteral stent encrustation was analysed by infrared spectroscopy. Results are expressed according to the main component. The mean indwelling time was The main component in stent encrustations was calcium oxalate Struvite, detected on 49 stents, was the main component in 2.

Significant differences according to gender and age were panty minceur soldes calcium oxalate monohydrate, which represented Calcium oxalate dihydrate increased with age up to 70 years in women while it felt dramatically in man beyond 50 years old. Brushite was more abundant in young men Increasing prevalence of uric acid encrustations with age was observed, especially in men beyond the age of 70 years.

The comparison between biomaterials showed that silicone stents were significantly less encrusted than polyurethane stents. Stent encrustation constitutes a serious complication of ureteral stent use in stone formers.

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Lithogenic factors should be considered for the prevention of stent encrustation in these patients. Aller au contenu principal. Base bibliographique Accueil Publications Base bibliographique. Prise en charge des carcinomes Ta, T1, et in situ de vessie : quoi de neuf? Prostatectomie radicale avec conservation du col vésical : marges chirurgicales et continence urinaire. Objective To evaluate the functional and cancer results of radical prostatectomy with bladder neck preservation in the treatment of localized prostate cancer.

Material and method From January to Marchconsecutive patients underwent open retropubic radical prostatectomy for localized prostate cancer. Results This series of operative specimens comprised 64 Risque cardiovasculaire chez les lithiasiques. Objective Urolithiasis appears to be associated with several cardiovascular risk factors excess salt and animal proteins, hypertension, metabolic syndrome and, more recently, the development of stroke.

Method The authors retrospectively collected data from patients born before and managed surgically or instrumentally for urolithiasis in our establishment in concerning the frequency of cardiovascular risk factors and the incidence of acute coronary syndrome, stroke or acute lower limb ischaemia before or after treatment of urolithiasis.

Results Data were obtained for 33 patients, revealing 12 events including five previous events four cases of acute coronary syndrome, one ischaemic stroke and seven subsequent events five cases of acute coronary syndrome with one death, one ischaemic stroke, one case of acute lower limb ischaemia an average of 5. Conclusion This retrospective study based on a small sample size demonstrated a high frequency of risk factors and cardiovascular events. Materials From to32 consecutive patients with a mean age of 65 years range: 46—73 underwent retropubic radical prostatectomy.

Results The mean follow-up was months range: 2— Adénocarcinome prostatique en récidive locale après radiothérapie exclusive : résultats du traitement regime xls medical 90 ultrasons focalisés. Objectives To determine the efficacy and adverse effects of high intensity focused ultrasound HIFU for the treatment of local recurrence of prostate cancer after exclusive external beam radiotherapy.

Material and methods Seventy-two patients with histologically and biologically documented local recurrence after radiotherapy were treated by HIFU. Apport de l'étude PCPT dans le traitement par finastéride des troubles mictionnels liés à l'hyperplasie bénigne de la prostate.

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Le texte complet de cet article est disponible en PDF. Cliquer ici pour le visualiser. Aspects économiques et politiques de la prévention du cancer de la prostate. Caractéristiques des incrustations des endoprothèses urétérales chez les patients lithiasiques. Introduction The goal of this prospective study was to characterize ureteral stents encrustation in stone formers.

Material and methods We report the results of a study based on double-J stents men and women collected from patients with in situ urinary calculi. Results The mean indwelling time was Conclusion Stent encrustation constitutes a serious complication of ureteral stent use in stone formers. Mots clés: C. Ryan Lutz.

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