When I was pregnant with my first daughter, Ellis, we agreed with my husband that we wanted our children to adapt to our rhythm and that we would not change ours for them. Of course, adapting it a bit, but that meant that a child would never be an excuse for us to get away from what we have always loved: traveling, being just the two of us, working, working out and above all having fun.

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From the beginning, we took Ellis everywhere with us: to Australia and Thailand when she was only three months old, at drinks, during which she slept wisely in her stroller, in a nutshell everywhere, we wanted her to be "all-terrain".

She has been, and she still is. In NovemberI was six months pregnant with Panda, we went on a five-week world tour with Onur and Ellis, who was then 3. On the plane, for example, we told her that if she slept for a few hours now she would be ok to have dinner with us in this great Thai restaurant when we were going to land and if, on the other hand, she did not sleep, she would be tired and in a bad mood. It worked, in five minutes she was sleeping.

Let's not forget that our couple has an essential role in our new family life but also in our lives as women. Taking care of your family is also taking care of your husband.

Plan as soon as you can have a romantic dinner, a movie night, whatever you like to do! I can almost say that I never felt sleepy because it is the first three months that are finally the most difficult. In fact, I slept when my daughters were sleeping. If Panda woke up at 11 pm, then 2 am, then 5 am by going to bed at 8. Same thing during the day, I had naps at the same time as she once a day.

When we return to work it is less obvious, but as I said, ask your husband to help you so you can go to bed early! Maybe this can help you: are more disgusted by breast milk or by milk that comes from a cow that you never saw? So you have to be aware of the fact that there is always one breast that produces more than the other. Even if it produces less, do not put it aside! When you breastfeed, I suggest you to give first the lowest breast to your baby to make sure it is well stimulated, do not let it become lazy!

Once this breast is well emptied go to the other one. If your baby does not empty that breast, you can pump what's left and freeze it. You are so stress free, just like me and my husband hope to be. Bonjour vos articles sont tellement intéressants! J attends actuellement min 4e garçon et je suis toujours autant passionnée par ces sujets et avide de conseils! Je vous avais déjà posé la question dans un précédent commentaire mais n avais pas eu de réponse… merci pour tout!!!

Close menu. Christmas New. Christmas reissues See More. Shop See More. All products See More. Collaborations See More. Here are some answers to the questions I received on Instagram about pregnancy and to which I chose to answer: Did you have a special diet during your pregnancies or pay attention to certain foods? Does breastfeeding help to find your pre-pregnancy weight and body more easily?

How to get in shape when you cannot go back to sport until several weeks later? When to resume sport after childbirth? Is perineal reeducation mandatory? How did you find your line as fast? Sorry for the bad news! It is true that it is not always easy to love one's body after a pregnancy. Have healthy and balanced diet. Et dysovulation surpoids calcul, les Mums, quel rapport entretenez-vous avec votre corps et vos kilos pendant votre grossesse?

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