Chris Maddox Mars 22, Kind if a small park but the roller coasters were worth it. Had a great time.

Les avis sur Six Flags America, Bowie

Not very busy around halloween. Lexi Gold Juillet 25, Batwing is a pleasant surprise! Alex Furman Septembre 20, They were awesome to us. We lost a wallet fell off a ride and they found it within a few hours! Got stuck on the Roar, but a minor inconvenience for a great day.

Vicky P. Avril 24, Fordcast Tour Juillet 8, Rediculous wait for no one at the park. The staff really needs to monitor turn over time for rides if they want to keep customers happy.

Kings dominion better. Marshella Merritt Août 10, Get online and pre-order your food and drink purchases. Saves time and money - esp. Dana M Août 6, Highest price concessions I have ever seen! Pack a cooler and picnic outside the park instead. Alexander Maricich Août 7, Fun roller coasters! Everything is pretty pricy though so bring lots of cash. Renate Brown Juin 24, Watch your little ones in the water park. Many parents don't care what their kids do, and the lifeguards "can't do anything about it".

Two new rides this year at the new mardi gras area including a new hurricanes bar with hard liquor!!! Chuq Yang Juin 13, Lines are crazy, but it's always fun. Even just to people watch!

Six Flags America

Shannon A Juin 18, Survivor show is great! Batwing is the best coaster out there! Park has been majorly cleaned up! Jay Wilson Août 12, Otherwise, the lines will be huge. Jo Po Septembre 16, Superman is smooth and doesn't shake u up badly, so great even if u've had one or two drinks.

Brett payne Juin 27, The veggie burger is made from laxatives and gas bubbles. Leigh Rawls Juillet 22, Buy the red souvenir cup Rio Mancilla Juillet 31, Best part! Barely any lines! Anastasia Ambros Mars 6, M Brown Juin 10, K12 Inc Juin 28, Did you know?

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Roller coasters have no engines or other means of acceleration — they are powered entirely by the conversion of potential energy into kinetic energy, basic principles of physics.

Bmore Pocahontas Juin 17, Serega Shishelyuk Juillet 14, Pablo Teran Août 17, Ride the Superman! Best ride there! Lockers are mostly gone now. I feel like the water park needs an upgrade. The rollarcoasters are fun. Be prepared for the kiddie section thomas town, looney toon to close at least an hour or two before the rest of the park.

Stay away from mind eraser. It will hurt your neck. Amy Parnell Septembre 16, Ride Superman in the front, best experience ever! Quand partez-vous en voyage? Effacer les dates. Les mises à jour de votre carte ont été suspendues.

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