Je veux retrouver mon teint naturel. J'ai remarqué que dès que j'utilise un produit qui marche, quand je m'arrête, l'hyperpigmentation recommence. En plus, j'avais vécu en Occident, et quand je suis revenue en Afrique, les boutons et tâches sont réapparus aux mêmes endroits.

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TIP : Because blemishes can often leave dark spots once they have healed, it is very important to not touch or pick at them!

Get rid of pigmentation spots

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Learn more. Black dry skin : How to apply make-up? Astuces Beauté Makeup dry skin is not the most obvious thing Getting rid of face shine and oily skin Most women with dark skin have combination to Register Login. Find our products. You name. While brown spots are caused by an excess of pigment, white spots are formed when pigment is destroyed by years of exposure to the sun.

Instead of making cible des regimes mots fleches melanin, certain areas of the skin stop making melanin altogether. Due to the disappearance of the pigment, white spots appear on the skin.

Nobody knows exactly why white spots appear in some places and brown in other places. Although white spots can look worrying, they are harmless. Unfortunately, you cannot do anything to make them disappear because there is no way to regain pigment that has been destroyed.

What you can do, is prevent yourself from further sun damage and more white spots. You can do this by consistently wearing a sunscreen rated at least SPF 30 or higher every day. In addition, you can take other precautions, such as wearing UV-resistant clothing and most importantly, never sunbathing. You can try to camouflage white spots by using a self- tanner. Use a cotton swab or make-up brush to apply a small amount of self-tanner to the white spot.

Wait a few hours and see what the colour looks like. Repeat this overtime to maintain the colour you want to achieve. Unlike white spots, you can do something about brown spots on the skin. Using products containing skin brightening ingredients such as vitamin C, niacinamide and azelaic acid will make your skin look more radiant and cause pigmentation marks to become less visible over-time.

Products with these ingredients can be used separately, but also at the same time. Pigmentation marks are often accompanied with other signs of ageing, such as dull, ashy-looking skin. You can significantly improve the tone and structure of your skin with an AHA exfoliant or, if you suffer from breakouts, a BHA exfoliant. In addition to the above, always protect your skin against UV damage by wearing sunscreen rated SPF 30 or more, all year round, rain or shine. This is essential for healthy skin and prevents the formation of new pigmentation marks.