The limitation does not strengthen the regulation but seems to say that if you have not dropped handlebars you need not keep a good lookout. Unless the cyclist is holding the handlebars carefully, he can be dislodged by the impact, or the items that he is carrying can be dislodged.

In the case of motor cycles, the notice could be attached to the handlebars or to the windscreens which many motor cycles now have. I have no power to prohibit the sale of drop-type handlebars. For example, there are the handlebars of bicycles.

This one does by pushing the handlebars downwards. The average cyclist who rides with dropped handlebars goes at a greater speed than the other cyclists, and consequently keeps a better look-out.

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I have ridden a good deal with dropped handlebars. It is therefore all the more necessary for him to have a mirror on the handlebars. The bicycle stopped dead, the keeper flew over the handlebars. He mentioned handlebars as an illustration. A law that allows anyone to enter a shop and buy a bicycle wheel, a bicycle frame, brakes, handlebars and gears, but not a bicycle has to be pretty bad.

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Inglés Americano Ejemplos Traducciones. Obtén nuestros widgets gratis. Aplicaciones del diccionario. Traductor en línea con la traducción de mixte a 25 idiomas. Citas, bibliografía en inglés y actualidad sobre mixte. Austin E. Geneviève Matane St. The present new critical edition provides improved readings of the text taking full account of all the information supplied by the melody. Dominique Billy, Yves Arden, Neil Clements, Comme j'ai testé la loi de la standardisation croissante dans mon étude, il m'a fallu définir ce que je considère comme standardisation: dans ce contexte, elle est le glissement d'un type mixte du discours rapporté vers un type non mixte.

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Balogh, Berlin, Hermann Sack, éd. One day at the bike shop where I worked I happened to notice that the size inch man's mountain bike that was parked right next to a inch mixte mountain bike looked like it had a shorter top-tube. So I grabbed a tape measure and found