By continuing your navigation, you accept its use. Pigment Control The 1st spot-reducing cosmetic instrument, inspired by Light Therapy.

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You may also like. Light Quintessence Serum. Lentigo, as well as age spots, can appear with age and a strong sunlight exposure on the hands, face, and cleavage. The longer the skin is exposed to sunlight with no protection, the sooner these skin lesions will appear; both men and women are concerned!

The CLIPP Laser Center is equipped with adapted and synergic laser devices, with an established efficiency on these skin lesions, as well as high skilled dermatologists.

In the case of diffuse pigmentations, such as pregnancy mask or melasmathe Restore Fraxel Laser is the first ever homologated laser in this indication. Nevertheless, a prior consultation with one of our physicians is always necessary to eliminate any medical contraindications.

Fraxel Laser is used to treat diffused pigmentations like the so called Melasma, and age spot. In any case, a prior consultation with one of our physicians is necessary in order to determine a precise and individual medical estimate. Retrouver toutes nos fiches techniques sur les différentes pathologies, techniques, traitements Tattoo Removal. Laser Depilation.

Dark skin pigmentation cure

Ethnic skins. Body contouring. Results two months after a Q Switched Laser treatment on brown spots — Cleavage area. Results two months following a Fraxel Restore Laser treatment on the hands. Results three months after a Fraxel treatment on the face. Quel est le prix pour le soin laser des taches brunes, taches de soleil?

Pigment Control

Cette information vous sera remise en détails lors de votre consultation. Au besoin, il nous fera plaisir de vous remettre les coordonnées de certains dermatologues dans les secteurs public et privé. A couple of days following, IPL laser skincare, the brown spots or hyperpigmentation may appear slightly darker than before and the lesions will form a thin crust. Note that the thin crusts will disappear in about ten days leaving rosy and new skin.

The new skin will regain its color in a few weeks. We strongly recommend you apply a high protection sunscreen until the lesions are fully healed as well going forward everyday. While skin is scabbing, it should not be scratched or picked at, as it will damage the skin and leave marks. No, the sensation is very tolerable.

However most clients experience barely any side ffects and skin reactions usually disappear within a few days. You can resume your activities in 24 hours and you'll need to strictly limit heat and sun exposure.

Recent sun exposure.