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Hotel mercure postkamp 10 hannover. And then he looks up, slightly cockeyed, and he thinks His newspaper''s in his lap now, and he thinks this Now where could my pipe be?

I always come to this, because I was a young man I''m older now, and I still don''t have the secrets, the answers, so this question still rings true, Jon looks up and he thinks And then it happens You see it, you see A cat is smoking a pipe.

It is the man''s pipe, it''s Jon''s pipe, but the cat The man calls out Jon calls out, he is shocked. The cat''s name. But, let''s take a step back I organized its sections for him and then, yes, the comic strip section fell out from somewhere in the middle, and landed on the kitchen floor I picked up the paper pages and saw, up somewhere near the top of this strip So I thought, "Ah, interesting.

I''ll have to see this later. The information I had was minimal, but enough An orange cat named Garfield Okay, that seemed to be the lynchpin of this whole operation, yes. Another clue Jim Davis. Yes, I''m on to it for sure. And that curiously plain man. I did not know, at the time, that his name was Jon.

This strip, you see, had no mention of this man''s name, and I''d never seen it before. But I had these clues; Jim Davis, Garfield. And then I saw more, I spotted the tiny copyright mark in the upper left corner.

Copyright to Copyright belongs to a PAWS Incorporated I use the local library and mail services to track down the information I was looking for Jim Davis, a cartoonist, had created a comic strip about a cat, Garfield Well, from that point on, I made sure I read the Garfield comic strips, though as I read each one, as each day passed The strips lost their power, and eventually I stopped reading, but I did not want my perceptions diluted, so I vowed to read the pipe strip over and over again That is what I call it, "The Pipe Strip.

Everything about it is perfect. I can only describe it as a miracle creation, something came together It is like the comets, the cosmic orchestra that is up there over your head The immense, enormous void is working all for one thing, to tell you one thing Gas and rock, and purity, and nothing. I will say this When I see the pipe strip I see perfection.

Do I find perfection in many things? Some things, I would say Some things are perfect I can look at the little tuft of hair on Jon Arbuckle''s head The purple pipe in Garfield''s mouth How could a mere mortal even MAKE this? I have a theory, about Jim Davis After copious research and, yes, of course, now we have the internet, and this information is all readily available, but Jim Davis, he used his life experiences to influence his comic Like I mentioned before, none of them seem to have the weight of the pipe strip But you have to wonder about the man who is able to even, just once, create the perfect form, a literally flawless execution of art, brilliance!

Just as in a ward I think there is a spiritual element at work I''ve seen my share of bad times and Well, it''s just Truth''s radiant light. Garfield, the cat? Neurons in my brain, it''s Jon and Garfield, it''s truly harmony, like a The lavender chair, the brown end table, the salmon-colored wall, the fore''s green carpeting, Garfield is hunched, perched His tail curls around.

It''s more than shapes too, because Okay, stay with me I''ve done this experiment several times. You take the strip. You trace only the basic elements. You can do anything, you can simplify the shapes down to just You can replace the blobs with magazine cutouts of other things, replace Jon Arbuckle with a Replace him there in the second panel with a Okay, and then we put a picture of the planet in the third panel over Garfield It still works.

These are universal proportions. I don''t know You can take just It''s eerie to me There''s no doubt in my mind that Jim Davis is a smart man Jim Davis is capable of anything to me He is remarkable, but this is so far beyond that, I think we might see that Jim Davis is possibly a new master of the craft, a Jim Davis is a modern day Socrates, or Da Vinci Look, he combines these things to make profoundly simple expressions This strip is his masterpiece The Pipe Strip is his masterpiece I often look at Garfield''s He is poised, and statuesque But still, his eyes are playful, lying somewhere between the solemn father''s expression in His ears stick up, signifying a peaked readiness It''s as if he could, at any moment, pounce; he is, after all, a close relative and descendant of the mighty jungle cats of Africa that could leap You could see the power drawn into Garfield''s hind quarters, powerful haunches indeed.

The third panel. And I''m just saying this now, this is just coming to me now The third panel of the pipe strip is essentially a microcosm for the entire strip itself All the power dynamics, the struggle for superiority, right? WHO has the pipe?

WHERE is the pipe? All of that is drawn, built, layered into Garfield''s iconic pose here. You can see it in the curl of his tail Garfield''s ear whiskers stick up, on end, the smoke billows, upward I''m just It''s a testament to the work For six years, I delved into tobacco research, because This is a metaphysical question Yes, can any cat smoke?

Do we know? Can just Garfield smoke? The research says no. Nicotine poisoning can kill animals, especially household pets. All it takes is the nicotine found in as little as a single cigarette.

Pharmacol Toxicol. But after visiting two tobacco processing plants in Virginia I was looking for any insight. A detective of a homicide case has to look at every angle, so I''m always taking apart the pipe strip. I focused on every minutiae, every detail of this strip. Jon Arbuckle''s clothing I have replicas.

I''m an expert in textiles This is key, this is the breakthrough. The pipe is not a pipe, really. Obviously there is symbolism at work here I saw that from the beginning, and I looked at the literal aspects of the strip to gain insight into the metaphors at play I worked at a newspaper printing press for eighteen months, in the late ''s I was learning the literal to inform the gestural Jon reading this newspaper means so much more than just Jon motorcycle rides ventura county the newspaper Jon holds his newspaper up with his left hand, thumb gripping the interior.

I learned that this particular grip here was the newspaper grip of nineteenth century aristocrats So Jon''s hand position is much more than that, it It''s about information. You have to take it apart.

It''s what the smoking industry calls a tattletale teenager who tells on his friends after they''ve all tried smoking for the first time But the phrase was confused when secret documents went back and forth between China and America These documents are still secret, and the only reason I know about the term is because I know a man, my friend. Let''s call him "Timothy," yeah Timothy worked for Phillip Morris for sixteen years, and he had seen the documents How could this cartoonist, Jim Davis, know about this He must have seen something What could it be?

Timothy went on to tell me there was one particular smoking cat, a boy, from He did more than tattle to his parents; he and his family took legal action, and they eventually received a huge settlement payout But that name is too similar Ernie Barguckle Jon Arbuckle.

Jim Davis must have used this. There''s more here. Ernie Barguckle spent nearly half of that settlement money on experimental medical procedures to cure his He was impotent. Are you starting to see the layers here? This is exciting stuff, you start to get a whole picture here, and it informs the work! Jim Davis took these raw ideas, these I have cried. I''ve cried, I''ve cried I''ve cried, cried over this piece.

It just I try to explain this to people, I have People have fought me on this, they don''t see it, or they''re close-minded, "How could a comic strip about a cat smoking a pipe mean any more than that? Here''s something from that I wrote in thinking about the implications of this strip; this is just an excerpt here If a comic about a cat smoking a pipe can be the only thing in the universe I have never been blind,'' But when you truly see, you will understand just how truly blind you once were to even think it right to say you were not blind.

What does a blind man see? Blank darkness. Dark augmentation mammaire tarif 2012. The absence of things, quite literally NO thing. No things. So, you see nothing, and I bring you into the light. A cat has your pipe! You''ve been blind, do you understand this!? The cat has your pipe.

You can''t fully immerse yourself, you don''t have the light. You don''t have the radiance, the radical light, the radically radiant light of truth and truth''s belonging love, and nature of light, and loving truthful radiance. So don''t be bold, and make bold statements.

Cc rider janis joplin

I know of you. Remember that. It''s kind of rough Kind of an I''m still proud of it. Sometimes I imagine that it is the editorial column in the newspaper Jon Arbuckle is reading. It''s an exercise in recursion, it''s like a vortex opens up It''s like you hold two mirrors up to each other, one is reality and the other is a cartoon strip. Let''s see here Oh yes, I must bring this up, because I think, surely, Jim Davis is again speaking on multiple levels by including the details set before us in the comic.

Notice the glimpse of Jon Arbuckle''s foot in the first panel. The size of the shoe would indicate that maybe the man just has small feet Inflicted usually on women for the desire of men, this practice was incredibly painful and crippling Mister Davis is, here, presenting us with a man, or rather This is a man facing extreme inner turmoil, the panels tell that story Notice the background wall shading of the first panel points inward toward Jon in the second panel You can connect these points and draw a triangle across the panels, and this triangle will align with the reoriented points of Jon''s collar!

This, this is majestic artwork! Comforting, in an empty world. I can''t help but read the thought bubble, over and over again. It is a profound question.