C'est finalement un projet de parc aquatique [ 5 ] qui fut choisi, annulant le remontage de l'attraction. Peu de temps après l'annonce de la fermeture de Great American Scream Machinedes rumeurs ont commencé à circuler à propos du transfert de Chang à Six Flags Great Adventure.

L'arrivée des montagnes russes fut officialisée le 15 septembre par le Asbury Park Press puis le 16 par Six Flags [ 6 ]. Son nouveau nom et son nouveau thème inspiré du comics Green Lantern ont été choisis pour coïncider avec la sortie du film Green Lantern [ 7 ].

Sur la base de photos et des vidéos diffusées, la voie et les trains de l'attraction seront peints en vert avec des touches d'argent. Les supports devraient quant à eux être noirs. L'ouverture a lieu le 25 mai et confirme l'aspect de l'attraction. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. Cet article est une ébauche concernant une attraction ou le domaine des attractions. Pour les articles homonymes, voir Chang et Green Lantern homonymie.

Montagnes russes à Six Flags Great Adventure.

Green Lantern (Six Flags Great Adventure)

Superman - Ultimate Flight. Montagnes russes volantes. The Dark Knight. Montagnes russes assises Wild Mouse. The Joker. Batman and Robin: The Chiller. Montagnes russes lancées navette duel. Great American Scream Machine. Montagnes russes lancées navette. Rolling Thunder. Montagnes russes bobsleigh. Montagnes russes pipeline. Rivière rapide en bouées. Houdini's Great Escape. Justice League: Battle for Metropolis. Front row. Oleg Gaevoy Mai 24, I felt in love with this crazy place.

Must try all roller coasters. Food is okay, lines are too big in a middle of day and you gotta await min. Michelle Kramer Juin 16, Definitely get the flash pass so you can skip all the lines!

Ride Review: Zumanjaro: Drop of Doom at Six Flags Great Adventure

Finish the day with a funnel cake or dippin' dots and you're all set! Sarah Kremer Avril 9, Stop at wawa for lunch or dinnerdon't forget to get your hand stamped if your leaving in the afternoon and coming back. The park food is expensive and it costs about dollars for a family of 4. Berk Kapicioglu Mai 22, Best roller coaster park near New York.

NitroKinda Ka, and El Toro are memorable. Flash pass is useful to avoid the crowds. Unfortunately, park is too crowded and promotes unnecessary consumption. Sarah Binder Juillet 10, Most of the roller coasters are excellent. Avoid Green Lantern or save it until last so your headache doesn't ruin your day. Safari was fun. I went over the 4th of July weekend Jason Vanderhorn Août 13, Love riding the rides.

Genial - Six Flags Great Adventure

Best time to go is mid week on a day of questionable weather. Don't be a fool eat outside of the park. The place can be tough when it's really hot, and the line waits are often prohibitive. But go at the right time and you can have a blast! My kids are ride fanatics and are thrilled every time we come.

Amazing theme park in the northeast. One of the best with a wide assortment of rides and roller coasters Very close to NYC and Philadelphia.

Reni Reni Mai 4, Bestest part is acceleration, after that you don't care about the height at all no time. Best row is the 1st.

Brian Cha Août 19, Search for a coupon online; always something available. Purchase Gold Flash Pass ; well worth it. Michael Calloway Juillet 1, Leave your phone in the car, or pay for the locker fees, most of the rides don't allow you to bring your phone, bag, drink, anything on them anymore. I think I had my last Great Adventure. Richard Boulware Septembre 16, You must ride Kingda Ka There is NO other experience like it! If you plan to ride it hands-up Rewan Parti Mai 25, Go in early and try to book tickets online with coupons or your employer benefits.

On a good sunny day, reach early as the lines get big by 12pm. Also, on a busy day get gold fast pass to skip lines. Amy Squier Août 30, Tons of roller coasters and huge park!

So much to do. Just beware though. You have to put your stuff in lockers before every coaster. Kinda annoying and costs money each time of course Love Six Flags in general, I don't recommend fright fest. Lines much longer then regular season. Hope to go back in the spring and get in some more coasters! Zeb Holt Septembre 29, Highly recommend the Wild Safari tour.

Definitely worth the extra bit to feed the giraffes! Bri Hansen Mars 11, Maria Rodriguez Août 21, Fright Feast in late Sept to Oct. Arrive early!