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The red and the viridescent form are Flower dicecious, mm. Sepals 5, small, erect-patent, sometimes shortly connate at the base, more or less unequal-sized, ovate to lato-ovate, obtuse, thicker towards the centre and In the autumn of the third, or the spring of the fourth year after hatching when two and one-half or three years oldthe red changes for a viridescent coloration. This may occur with or without entering the water.

If the water is entered the animal Unknown Author, In a second I am back in the viridescent slime at the underwater church. I love the word viridescent.

It is a complex notion: cent, scent, descent, iridescent, viridescent. A V for victory for five different meanings in one word! How is it then that the Paul Satori, William Emerson Ritter, Naturalist, XXV,pp. A nearly complete history of the transformations from a larval, aquatic, gilled, viridescent form, to a terrestrial, gill- less, red form, and again to an aquatic, partially water breathing, viridescent form. Falmouth's TideSmart gets zoning board OK to convert home to office.

Viridescent biology definition

The building in question is called the Viridescent House, which Woods has said is "the The Viridescent House is technically non-conforming because it was a Dry off by basking in the sun-soaked natural amphitheatre on the return journey. Restaurant: Part of the Guu restaurant chain located in Vancouver and Toronto, Guu Garden is tucked away on a viridescent rooftop terrace off of Vancouver's That restriction would apply to the so-called Viridescent House, which Woods and TideSmart have promoted as the "most energy-efficient building" in Maine.

Viridescent biology definition

Aside from verdant aurora and comets emitting green lights as its carbon component gets baked by the Sun's ultraviolet rays, seeing viridescent lights isn't a Moving on to the rear, the stylised tail lamps do give off a Kia Picanto-esque vibe, even more so when one considers the Picanto in a similar viridescent shade. Patrick's Day, Because This …. This friend refuses to leave your side… because she can't walk in a straight line without your support. But you can't blame it all on the alcohol.

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Signification de "virilisation" dans le dictionnaire anglais.

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Synonymes et antonymes de virilisation dans le dictionnaire anglais de synonymes. Traducteur en ligne avec la traduction de virilisation à 25 langues.

Exemples d'utilisation du mot virilisation en anglais. The most important condition is CAH in a girl with minimal virilisation Prader 1—2where the minor genital differences went unnoticed at birth, and female gender was assigned and no treatment given.

John M. Hutson, Garry L. Warne, Sonia R.

Signification de "virilisation" dans le dictionnaire anglais

Grover, However, there is no consistent correlation between the severity of hypertension and the degree of virilisation in individuals with the same homozygous mutation. The treatment of affected children with hydrocortisone achieves a number of Anthony R.

Mundy, John Fitzpatrick, David E. Neal, Tony Hollingworth. Box 2 Factors that interfere with determination of urinary 5- hydroxyindoleacetic. Tony Hollingworth, Virilisation is the development of exaggerated masculine characteristics, usually in women, which may be as a result of the adrenal cortex overproducing androgens.

Signification de "viridescent" dans le dictionnaire anglais

The most common adrenal cause is congenital adrenal hyperplasia CAH in Andy Adam, Adrian K. Dixon, Jonathan Gillard, These observations suggest 5a- dihydrotestosterone is the active androgen in these tissues. The timing of virilisation well after the increase in androgen levels poses an interesting question.

Although gonadal testosterone increases markedly Norman Saunders, Lyn Hinds, Adrenal Androgen Overproduction Androgen excess from the adrenals, occurring in the postpubertal period, causes signs of virilisation only in women since in men the testes are the main source of androgens at this stage. In the prepubertal Vasan, R. Desai, Meena P. Menon,