The intensive use you make of your MTB is supported by robust, high quality components. When you want to stop, disk brakes deliver all their power under any conditions. At the edge of trends, test the Thanks to larger wheels, you will have more ease to overcome obstacles and get better stability in sinuous parts.

April 2014

Vous y développez vos sens. Selle, tige de selle et fourche suspendues vous offrent un écrin de confort. Gitane has created the Sensitive Line for you, a collection of bikes you can take with you during the weekend but which keep on giving you a sense of freedom in town during the week. Roads and paths hold no secrets for these bicycles with light aluminium frames. Suspended saddle, seat post and fork are provided for your comfort.

For perfect harmony, a wide range of colours lets you adapt your Trekking bike to your personal tastes.

More than an ordinary bike, the extra power provided by electrical assistance gives you a fast and effortless ride! Integrated into the heart of your bike, the electrical pack offers different assistance modes.

At maximum power, you just pedal gently to set the speed, but if you want to put more effort in you can switch off the assistance to experience the sensations of an ordinary bike ride. The Gitane collection, the most extensive range in the market, offers you trendy, economical and ecological avant-garde style. Vivez la ville à vélo! Finis les embouteillages, vous êtes plus malin et plus tendance.

Votre style de vie passe par vos espaces de liberté : pistes cyclables, contre-allées…Le vélo vous transporte à travers la ville. Désormais, le vélo a tous les atouts : cadre facile à enjamber, selle confortable, porte-bagage robuste, panier amovible Experience the town on your bike! Forget traffic jams, you are trendier and more intelligent. Your lifestyle is expressed by your spaces of freedom: cycle tracks, contra flow lanes, your bike transports you across the town. The model offers you retro and vintage style, the Classic harmonises with all your colour schemes, whereas the Street Power gives you a modern and fashionable way of getting about town.

Bikes now have all the advantages: easy step-over frame, comfortable saddle, strong luggage rack, easy-off bag On se souvient tous de nos premiers tours de roues : zig-zag, cabrioles, hésitations puis Les freins sont adaptés à la morphologie spécifique des enfants. Le parechaîne enveloppant évite les mauvaises surprises. Les cadres sont robustes! Pour les plus grands, les cadres sont colorés pour avoir un style branché qui ne passera pas inaperçu auprès des copains.

We all remember our first bicycle rides: zigzags, falls, hesitations, followed by adventures with friends seeking our first thrills on humps, through the woods or on paths. Gitane offers a complete range, to get the best out of biking at any age and in complete safety. Ample chain guards protect against unpleasant surprises. The frames are strong! Pare-chaîne à décorer - garde-boue - panier - porte-poupée - sonnette Decorated chainguard - mudguards - basket - baby seat - bell.

Pare-chaîne à décorer - garde-boue - boîte à outils - sonnette Decorated chainguard - mudguards universal new rides 2018 toolbox - bell. Le cadre e-Bike est garanti 5 ans. La batterie est garantie 1an. Les autonomies sont données à titre indicatif avec une utilisation en mode Eco. E-Bike frame : 5-year warranty. Battery : 1-year warranty. The battery autonomy is indicated for information only based on the Eco mode use.

Crédits photos : E. Visuels non contractuels. Poids : tous les poids sont à titre indicatif sans les pédales. Last stop: the convention center for a group photo! We will be riding the bike trails and about miles on public roads. Never ridden 20 miles? Never fear! The route is on a flat trail and public roads, plus you have 7 weeks to prepare! The pace will be moderate around mph. Participants receive a specialty designed t-shirt.

The registration deadline is March 21st. Maximum riders: 50 — Waiting list available! We will have riding with us a medic and a bike mechanic. At each location we will have volunteers watching the bikes, so locks are recommended but may not be needed. Cycling for libraries is an annual international advocacy tour and an unconference for cycling librarians and library lovers since — "Cycling and Libraries with Love and Passion!

Cycling for libraries is a library publicity campaign organized by the International Association for Library Advocacy.

The growing Cyc4lib Community Who can participate? Greetings Libraries make a difference Work with us, support us! How will my library benefit from this? Our partners and sponsors Materials Shop.

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