Il est considéré comme le plus vieux parc d'attractions du Canada [ 1 ]. Chaque année, le parc remplace une ou deux attractions ce qui lui permet de proposer chaque année de nouvelles sensations.

Cette rotation limite par contre l'intégration au parc et la décoration, ce qui explique l'aspect très "forain" du parc. Le parc compte malgré tout des classiques comme The Coasterle parcours de montagnes russes en bois ou la Wild Mouseconstruites toutes deux vers À la fin du mois d'août, Playland et son partenaire financier, Pacific National Exhibitionorganisent une foire annuelle pour les résidents de Greater Vancouver.

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This job was fun in the beginning, but later it became very stressful and management was very rude so as costumes. Everyday weather was very hot, and the job was hard by itself. Points positifs. Work Environment, Job Perks, Miscellaneous. I have worked here for two years now, and I've found that I can talk to guests more efficiently. I'm very introverted and shy, so this job helps me to be outside of my comfort zone and helps my communication skills.

Management and other workers are very friendly and helpful. When applying there are so many places to work and lots of different opportunities. Which is very nice, as the food is pricey. The break room is very spacious and relaxing.

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All in all, love working here! Great Place To Start Working. It is very easy and very simple.

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Come in every morning to test run the wooden roller coaster and then go back to your assigned rides for the pre-check before the park opens. Job is very easy but repetitive, managers and supervisors are very lenient as long as you follow the rules.

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