I used to give Eric Porter rides to butler in the 90s for XC racing when he was a high school student in Louisville. Look at him nowadays… Years of dedication to the sport has turned him into a well rounded Pro, Sponsored by diamondback and many more. Cheers Eric! Rolling into the week with a manualmonday from a big ride, hope everyone got after it this weekend!!

High speed road manuals are my favorite way to finish out … a ride, rolling back into town! Drop down and back, cover your brake to keep you from looping out, and use your hips and knees to balance side to side, and practice for years! If all else fails will do some tailgating and go get some pizza!

Feel free to bring any photo albums or memorabilia from Bike Butler if you like! Went for a hike at Otter Creek yesterday.

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The racecourse looks like a few dry hours could result in Hero-Dirt for tonight, as Short. Remember, the life you save might be my own! Aller vers. Sections de cette Page. Aide accessibilité. Adresse e-mail ou mobile Mot de passe Informations de compte oubliées? À propos.

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Just picked this up off CL. Hopefully vintage enough to bring to Butler in August.

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Afficher la suite. Informations concernant les données de statistiques de Page. Have a look at these classic photos from the filming of 'Breaking Away' in Indiana. Vintage Colorado MTB shots Epic Urban Assault to Highwater Road.

Bring lights to stay later! Video of wilderness trail mayhem.

Legacy Trail

Thrills chills and spills. All was well in the end as we chase the sun to ride the trails with lights. Half hay lit! For our northern Kentucky friends. Look out!! It's Hurricane Florence Y'all. Nous avons vu beaucoup d'animaux sauvages: cerfs, oiseaux, écureuils rayés, écureuils. Nous n'avons rencontré que quelques motards, à qui nous avons cédé.

Il y avait beaucoup de terrains variés et la vue sur la rivière était charmante. Probablement un excellent endroit pour faire du vélo de montagne, mais pas très bon pour la randonnée.

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Sentier de randonnée n'est pas défini ou bien balisé. Beaucoup de déchets. C'est plus une piste cyclable et c'est étroit partout. Il nous a fallu du temps pour savoir par où commencer.

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